Pirate Nation: Pirate's Creed


Pirate Nation is a new type of game, filled with high seas adventure, treasure, fun, and unexpected surprises. Players collect and send pirates on adventures where they collect materials for crafting, treasures, and pirate gold! Pirates gain experience and can level up from their many adventures.

The game is being developed by Proof of Play, a game studio and blockchain technology company rolled into one. We build real, uncompromisingly fun, fully onchain games. We believe in the power of decentralization and are open-sourcing our technology so other developers and the broader blockchain ecosystem can benefit.

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Motivation behind Pirate Nation

There are core tenets we have behind making Pirate Nation:

  1. Players are Owners: We want players to own the games they support through their play and share in the success when their favorite games become popular because of them.

  2. Games are Culture: We believe that games can bootstrap entire communities and form new cultures.

  3. Empower and Reward Creators: We know that players are always remixing games by creating skins, maps, and game modes. Through player-ownership we empower players to take part in the economic success of their creations.

A new type of onchain game

Pirate Nation is a fully onchain game. This is a new type of game that's only possible using blockchain technology. The game and all of its functionality is running on the blockchain using dozens of smart contracts.

Onchain games have a lot of unique characteristics that distinguish them from traditional, centralized games:

  • All player items, actions, and achievements are publicly viewable and auditable.

  • Onchain games are "forever games" and will continue to operate as long as the blockchain they are running on exists.

  • It is possible for onchain games to be able to be remixed. Meaning players can add their own features or even create fully derivative works from the game.

  • Onchain games are more secure & transparent. They are enforced with the same security that protects other assets on blockchains.

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