Grand Events

The Forgotten Gods Event

Three gods that have long been forgotten seek validation from the pirates of this new generation. Three voices from the past whisper through the Infinite Isles: "Seek ye the relics of our visage and build for us the idols of our faith so that one of us may return unto you and bestow our blessings."

And with this, the Pirates of the Infinite Isles began their quest to restore their chosen.


Broseph, the jovial twin deities of drink and jest, were once the heart and soul of every raucous gathering on the Infinite Isles. With one brother pouring endless libations and the other spouting tales that blurred the line between humor and sheer absurdity, they were the patrons of every tavern brawl and boozy night under the stars.

As time passed, and tales of their escapades became as diluted as the watered-down rum of old, their statues were lost to time. For many decades, they seemed to slumber, though the echo of their laughter still occasionally drifted across the Isles' moonlit nights.

During an event dubbed the Forgotten Gods, the brothers appeared to recover from their ancient hangover and sought to start a new party with the denizens of the Infinite Isles. They reached out to the Pirates of the Infinite Isles and, led by the pirate Captain Dizcrypto, they were accepted by the Pirate Nation once more. Now the spirit of Broseph is strong once again and Pirates everywhere raise toasts in their name!

The Dealer

The Dealer, an enigmatic goddess of luck and fortune, was once the beacon of hope for every pirate seeking treasures in the shadowy coves of the Infinite Isles. Adorned with cards, dice, and shimmering coins, she held the fate of every gamble and the outcome of every plunder within her ever-shuffling hands.

The Dealer loved to gamble, but she didn't expect to lose the bet with a rival where the loser had to fall silent for 1,000 years. Without the ability to communicate with or bless her worshipers, they strayed to find other gods and the Dealer slipped into obscurity.

During the event known as the Forgotten Gods, she made her play to return to the table once again. However, despite the valiant efforts of Captains Jack_Tagger and onOtole, she failed to gain enough followers and fell silent once more. She is no doubt still present in the Infinite Isles—every top-decked ace to a straight hints at that—but she remains quiet at this time.

Old Salt

Old Salt, the enigmatic god of the sea, was once the guiding force for every sailor and Pirate who navigated the treacherous waters of the Infinite Isles. With skin as weathered as ancient driftwood and eyes that mirrored the deepest ocean abyss, he was believed to govern the tides, winds, and fortunes of those daring enough to venture onto his waters. However, as the ages passed and newer deities emerged, Old Salt's temples were reclaimed by the sea, and his legends faded into whispered tales shared by elders around flickering campfires.

Following the fall of an ancient Sea Titan known as Bruce the Megalodon, Old Salt awoke and seemed interested in recruiting a new crew to worship him and the old ways. However, after weeks of rallying support during the Forgotten Gods Event behind his lead avatar Captain Gwes#2473, Old Salt failed to recruit enough Pirates to allow him to reemerge and fell silent in the depths once more. No one has heard from him since the day that event ended, but believers in the old ways know he is still about, and he will return to port one day to bring the old ways back to the sailors of the Infinite Isles.

Sea Titans Tussle Event (World Bosses)

The tale of the Pirates of Parrot's Perch and their encounter with three ancient Sea Titans is one of daring adventure and harrowing danger. It's a testament to the unpredictable and treacherous nature of the Infinite Isles.

Awakening such powerful beings was undoubtedly a grave mistake, but the pirates showed their mettle by rallying together in the face of imminent danger. Their resilience and determination, coupled with their skill in combat, allowed them to achieve the near-impossible feat of defeating one of the Sea Titans, Bruce.

However, the threat is far from over. With two Sea Titans still lurking in the depths, the pirates must remain ever vigilant. It's a reminder of the importance of respecting the natural order and the dangers of delving too greedily or too deep into territories unknown.

The Pirates of Parrot's Perch have proven themselves to be formidable adversaries, but they must now use this victory as a learning experience. They must bolster their defenses, seek out allies, and be prepared for any future encounters with the remaining Sea Titans.

Bruce the Megaladon

1 of the 3 Sea Titans that attacked the Infinite Isle in March of 2023. Bruce is a fierce Megalodon that was defeated by the combined might of the Pirate Nation! The final blow that defeated this Sea Titan was delivered by the legendary Captain Roninnupe, who now keeps this once fierce beast as a pet that he displays to other Pirates as proof of his combat prowess.

Urza the Kraken

1 of the 3 Sea Titans that attacked the Infinite Isle in March of 2023. This magma mollusk managed to slink away after terrorizing the Pirate population for several days. Many fear that the ill-tempered octopus will return one day to seek vengeance for his fallen brethren.

Jormungandr the Sea Serpent

Jorgy, as he was nicknamed by the Pirates of that time, is a Lighting Serpent that was 1 of the 3 Sea Titans that attacked the Infinite Isle in March of 2023. This shocking sea snake managed to slither away after terrorizing the Pirate population for several days. Many fear ithat Jorgy now lurks in the storms that surround Parrots Perch and that it will return to strike fear in the hearts of the Pirate Nation again one day.

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