About our Tech

The inventive engineers behind Pirate Nation are taking a few approaches to our tech for us to summarize. Look to our Medium for more in-depth posts about the technical side of Pirate Nation (see Official Links).

Things to know:

  • Everything is onchain: all items, currencies, game logic are built using smart-contracts. This also means that the game will continue to run even if original Pirate Nation developers are no longer around.

  • Pirates live on L1 (Ethereum) with Gameplay on L2 (Apex) without needing to bridge.

  • Pirates and Ships are ERC721s, meaning they are dynamic and can gain abilities over time.

  • Items and Resources (Cotton, Rum, Statues, Totems, etc.) are ERC1155s.

  • Pirate Gold ($PGLD) is an ERC20.

  • Gameplay on Proof of Play Apex.

  • Halborn, a top tier auditing firm, audited all of our game code to ensure all of our contracts are safe and reliable.

    • You can view the audit here.

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