Hold & Own

Learn how you can get a jumpstart on Pirate Nation by holding your pirate

Diamond Hands are So 2021. Have you Heard About Gold Hands?

We'll be rewarding players for holding their pirates and playing Pirate Nation by Gold Handing them in-game. Gold Handers will be eligible to claim Founder’s Chests filled with in-game items needed for the adventures on the high seas, plus one Founder's Map Piece per drop period. The chests are an important benefit that allows you to get a head start collecting the resources you’ll need to find yourself atop the leaderboard and on your path towards becoming a feared and renowned Pirate Captain!

Check it out at this link: Hold & Own.

Founder's Map Pieces You Say?

Four Founder's Map Pieces will be awarded over the duration of the hold periods and combine these four pieces to unearth a special treasure! They are not interchangeable and you will need four distinct map pieces, one from each claim period, to collect the reward at the end. These four map pieces will also be tradeable on the open market should you choose to buy more (or, gasp, sell yours.)

What to Expect

As with “real” treasure chests, they aren’t all created equal, which means that everyone will get different rewards and the mystery of what you get will not be revealed until you open your chest. The chests you collect will also be tradeable if you want to create your own luck and increase your odds at claiming rare in-game items. We’ll be using a best-in-class fully on-chain randomizer built in house. As per what’s in the chests, you’re going to have to wait to find out…

You will need to Claim the chest with a gas-less transaction in the Hold & Own section of the website and to check what rewards you’ve earned, you will need to open the game, navigate to the Inventory page and click Use.

The Nitty Gritty

The Founder's Chests and Founder’s Map Pieces will be tied to each unique pirate. If you hold through the first period and then sell your pirate, you will keep the Founder's Chest and Founder’s Map Piece and that will not be claimable by the next owner. Similarly, if you transfer it to another wallet before the hold period is complete, the Golden Hands clock resets to zero on that pirate. For safe purchasing, you can check to see the status of chest claims in OpenSea by navigating to Levels and checking the “Chests Claimed” section. Make sure to refresh the metadata and wait a few minutes before to be extra safe.

Claim Schedule:

Day 7: Founder’s Iron Chest + Founder’s Map Piece #1

Day 30: Founder’s Bronze Chest + Founder's Map Piece #2

Day 60: Founder’s Silver Chest + Founder's Map Piece #3

Day 90: Founder’s Gold Chest + Founder's Map Piece #4

Day 135: Founder’s Platinum Chest + ???

*There may be future Founder’s chests announced. If they are, we will update this schedule.

How Does it Work?

Captain Kramer (a player) holds his pirates in his wallet and starts playing Pirate Nation. 7 days later, he claims his Iron chest and Founder’s Map Piece #1. On day 25, Captain Kramer, sells his pirate to Captain Elaine (another player), a lucky scoundrel on the open seas. Captain Elaine starts playing and 7 days later, is not eligible to claim the Iron chest or Founder’s Map Piece #1, since Captain Kramer has already claimed it. On Day 30, Captain Elaine is eligible to claim the bronze chest and Founder's Map Piece #2. On day 60, she can claim the Silver chest and Founder’s Map Piece #3, and on day 90, she can claim the final Gold chest and Founder’s Map Piece #4. In order for Captain Elaine to claim the special reward, she will need to collect Founder’s Map Piece #1 for the full set. She decides she really wants the reward so she acquires Founder’s Map Piece #1, and then burns them to reveal a reward.


All of our randomness is powered by an in-house randomizer and lives on-chain. There are a few levels of rarity associated with our loot tables for the Founder’s Chests.

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