Action Card Types

Please note that at launch, not all Action Cards will be present in the game. We have released a limited set of Action Cards and will expand the selection over several releases. We will likely change the Action Point costs, damage, and other values of cards that are present and add more variety and new functions to the Action Cards as we expand on this feature.

Damage Cards

Damage cards serve the primary function of reducing the enemy's health. These cards can have varying Action Point (AP) costs and damage levels. They also differ in terms of targeting:

  • Single-target damage cards deal between 10 to 75 direct damage.

  • Multi-target damage cards can affect up to 3 enemies, often with an AoE (Area of Effect) feature.

  • Specialized damage cards can also apply status effects, such as "Bleed," which causes the target to lose health over multiple turns.

Defense Cards

Defense cards mainly focus on mitigating incoming damage or completely avoiding it:

  • Basic shields provide a damage-reducing shield for the current turn.

  • "Counter" cards hit your opponent back when they deal damage.

  • "Reduction" and "Evade" cards diminish or evade incoming attacks for a specific number of turns or attacks.

Control Cards

Control cards alter the battlefield dynamics to your advantage:

  • They can add to your Action Points, either for the current turn or for a set duration, enhancing your available actions.

  • They offer the ability to draw additional action cards, either immediately or over multiple turns.

  • Advanced control cards can retrieve discarded cards back into your deck or even your hand.

Manipulation Cards

Manipulation cards enhance the effects of your other cards:

  • They can amplify the damage of your next attack in the current turn by varying percentages.

  • Special manipulation cards like "Stun", "Weaken" and "Vulnerable" apply status effects to enemies, affecting their ability to act or their susceptibility to damage.

  • "Evade" allows you to dodge incoming attacks, making them miss.

Healing Cards

Healing cards are designed to restore health and remove negative status effects:

  • They offer direct healing in various quantities.

  • Some provide healing over several turns, applying a "Regen" effect.

  • High-tier healing cards can "Cleanse" one or more negative statuses in addition to healing.

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