New Player Guide

Welcome to Pirate Nation, where you take the role of a Pirate Lord and lead a crew of scurvy dogs on high seas adventures! The primary activity around here is questing. Send your crew on quests to earn experience (XP) for that individual pirate and gold and other items for your nation.
You also collect and craft items while sailing the high seas. These items are used to access new quests or saved in your hold for use later, when it is rumored that Pirate Lords will build their own personal islands!
There are 6 buttons at the bottom of the screen that summon screens that you will interact with to get things done around here. There is also a Crew screen that can be summoned by selecting the pirate tab in the upper left area of the screen.
Let’s take a look at each of these screens in more detail shall we?
Last modified 2mo ago