Lore of the Infinite Isles

Avast me hearties!

Captain Hightide here to spin ye some Pirate tales.

On the horizon lies a vast chain of islands set in a fantastic world of pirates, monsters, high seas adventure and treasure! Here, Pirate lords build strongholds, gather crews, and construct their armadas of ships as they explore uncharted waters.

Alas, they are not alone! Corrupt trade guilds look to claim the resources of the isles for themselves, a royal navy seeks to establish its own version of law and order, other Pirate lords seek to lay claim to legendary hidden treasures, creatures from the depths seek to claim territory for themselves, and many other forces seek to dominate these waters.

The Lore of the Infinite Isles is dedicated to exploring notable figures, intriguing places, treasures, ships, and events that weave together to tell the all the stories of Pirate Nation.

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