The Trader

Meet Flip the Trader

After decades of service in the Merman King’s army, Flip grew tired of constantly battling pirates and decided to trade his sword for a ledger. He ventured beyond his familiar waters and discovered a chain of islands bustling with trade. Seeing an opportunity to use his skills in a different way, he dove headfirst into the world of commerce. With his natural charm and intellect, Flip quickly established himself as a merchant known for his shrewd negotiations and knack for sealing profitable deals.

Flip's Deep Discounts is a Settlement Building enabling you to trade between Cotton, Stone, Wood, and Pirate Gold. Visit the Trader and enter in the amount of a resource you’re willing to trade to see what you’ll receive in the resource you want to collect. There is a Max button you can select to fully convert your full stockpile of a given resource into the desired resource.

Exchange rates for resources are subject to change to ensure balance. For now, all resources you send in the trade will be burned in the background. The Trader's operations may be changed or expanded in the future.

Note: If you don’t yet have a trade license, your resource conversions will only use Marks, not Pirate Gold.

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