🏴‍☠️The Pirate Nation Crew

Pirate Nation is built by the scallywags at Proof of Play

We’re a quickly growing crew of founders, entrepreneurs, and crypto-native tinkerers. Our team backgrounds come from leading development on major titles at Epic Games, Blizzard, Riot Games, Zynga, Disney, and Scopely on $1b+ franchises like FarmVille and Madden.

We've also worked at leading web2 companies like Google, Square, Apple, and Facebook where we've led projects that you use on a daily basis. We have deep knowledge and a proven track record of starting small and building up to something big.

We care deeply about immersing players into the Pirate Nation universe and turning them into owners. Joining the web3 space will allow us the chance to usher in a new era of gaming that pushes beyond the current limits and offerings.

We're always looking for exceptionally talented folks to join our ranks. Please check out the Proof of Play jobs page for our open positions.

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