Parrot's Perch

Parrot's Perch

This island is a small settlement that acts as a safe haven and trading outpost for many salty Pirates. The island is filled with useful locations all Pirates should know. Here are a few to visit:

Trader Flip's

Flip, the friendly Deep One, has set up a shop on the southwest corner of the island. He loves to trade resources, but he asks for pretty high prices. For those looking to land a quick deal, he is an excellent choice.

The Totem of the Sea Titans

This statue sits idle most of the time, but when Sea Titans are nearby, it comes to life with a thrum of power. During these "World Boss" events, this totem guides Pirates who are dumb brave enough to battle these powerful beasts to their location.

The Wishing Well

Located on a small island through the shallows to the northwest is the Wishing Well. The Infinite Isles are filled with magic and mischief. During special events, this well grants wishes if the right objects are tossed into it.

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