What is $PIRATE?

$PIRATE is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum mainnet and one of the first uses of the $PIRATE token is to serve as a utility token for the Pirate Nation ecosystem.

Over time $PIRATE may be used for all sorts of fun and functional activities within the game, expanding the possibilities of players and guilds in crafting and customization, and providing access to exclusive tournaments and unique game modes or events. When significant new choices, items, or dynamics are added to the game (examples: larger player islands, able to accommodate new settlement buildings, or new types of bidding / special auction events for premier, unique game assets), $PIRATE may be used as the necessary currency to enable said new dynamic.

The single most important design principle of the $PIRATE token is ensuring Pirate Nation is made better, and more engaging, through its existence. It’s with this in mind that we will design, optimize, and evolve its uses and sinks within Pirate Nation.

More information can be found in the Pirate Nation Foundation litepaper: https://www.piratenation.foundation/PN%20Foundation%20Litepaper_v1.1.02_June2024.pdf.

The $PIRATE contract addresses are:

  • Token: 0x7613C48E0cd50E42dD9Bf0f6c235063145f6f8DC

  • Staking: 0x6759aCD57cB5EA451a3eDF397734eDDDFc123049

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