Resources and Crafting

Resources are found through exploration & by completing some quests, and are used to Craft items. Once collected, these resources can be crafted into items that unlock better quests.

These resources can also be used to craft decorations, like Totems and Tikis, to name a few. These items will remain in your inventory until used for Crafting, for now. You can also swap these Resources for each other, in addition to Pirate Gold/Marks, with Flip the Trader.

Resources are divided into different tiers. Tier 1 resources are easily obtained by completing low-level quests, while Tier 2 resources require crafting from Tier 1 resources. The rarest Tier 3 resources can only be earned through completing quests that require the use of Tier 2 resources. Players gather and utilize resources of varying tiers to progress in the game and unlock new quests and rewards.

Tier 1 Resources - Wood, Cotton, Iron Ore - these are found through exploration

Tier 2 Resources - Wooden Oar, Cotton Net, Iron Anchor

Tier 3 Resources - Spyglass, Compass, Mermaid Scale

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