Command Rank

Wallets in Pirate Nation have Command Ranks that reflect a player's experience. Players earn Command Points to increase their Command Rank through activities like The Gauntlet, up to a daily cap. More ways to progress your Command Rank will become available in the future.
Each time your Command Rank increases, you'll receive a prize! When you finally achieve the coveted Command Rank 10, trading will be unlocked for your account. This will allow you to participate fully in the player-driven economy by selling items, resources, and ships earned through your swashbuckling adventures.
Additionally, wallets that held Founder's Pirates at the time of our September 11th, 2023 4:09pm ET snapshot automatically received a trading unlock. This ensures our earliest supporters can continue freely trading within Pirate Nation as the seas open to new adventurers. More on Trade Unlocks and Trade Licenses here.