3. Quests

The third button we are going to explore is the Quest button which looks like this:

Selecting this button will summon the Quest Screen, as pictured here:

In Pirate Nation, Energy fuels the adventure. Your crew shares 150 energy that is replenished at the rate of one Energy every 10 minutes. Use this energy wisely as you embark on quests (or don't, ye scoundrel)!

On this screen you will first select the mangy pirate you’ll want to put to work. Next, select the green button on the quest you want to start. That should send the mangy cur off for a bit.

All quests take energy to start and some need special items or higher-level pirates to undertake. When the quest is completed, you'll receive a notification in the lower-right corner of the screen, and the Log will update with a link to view your successful transaction.

Pirates may embark on multiple quests in a row, initiating a queue of quests that will resolve in order.

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