The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well offers players the chance to redeem Worn Copper Coins for exciting in-game rewards.

A total of 2,000 items were made available when the Wishing Well launched. This number will decrease over time as each item that is claimed is removed from the Wishing Well's prize pool.

If all the prizes in the pool are claimed, the Wishing Well will close, and no other wishes will be granted until the Wishing Well opens again. There is currently no scheduled date or time for when that might be.

Worn Copper Coins have a very small chance of being rewarded from specific Quests, Bounties, and the final Gauntlet Battle of the day. They can be redeemed one at a time. Each coin grants one wish: one item from the Wishing Well prize pool.

The Wishing Well contains Pirates (both Gen 1 and Gen 0), Ship Plans, Ship Skin Plans, actual Ships, Island decorations, and unique items like team 1:1s and more.

Check to see current items available for redemption.

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