Basic Quests

Players engage with an early version of the questing system in the Pirate Nation beta. The v.1 version allows individual Pirates to be sent on quests that are selected from a master quest list. If the pirate meets the requirements for the selected quest, then the Pirate will be sent on their way and complete the quest moments later.

Completing the quest will grant that Pirate XP toward their next level, some Pirate Gold/Marks, and any items that the quest noted as rewards. Some quests provide Resources that can be used to Craft items and other rewards like Rum!

Advanced Quests

After collecting basic resources and crafting items, you will begin to find more advanced items that cannot be crafted, and can only be obtained from completing mid-level quests. New items are used to unlock even more advanced quests that provide better XP to the pirate that completes them, Ship Plans, random rewards that can be quite good, like Jugs of Rum, and even more gold!

Cooldown Quests

There are certain quests that can only be done once every few hours or even once a day, and in some cases slightly longer. These quests reward either high tier items like Maps and Ship Plans, generous amounts of XP, or a bountiful haul of Pirate Gold/Marks. Players must strategize and plan out their gameplay to take advantage of these quests.

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