Fair Play Rules


We are trying to build a game that will survive the test of time. To achieve that we all need to have some degree of trust that the game is a fair one. Violations of the spirit of the game diminish trust and overall stability of Pirate Nation. As such, we will define some guidelines for future reference.
Moving forward we will:
  • Punish players who break the rules for personal gain
  • Reward players who uphold the rules for community gain
Players caught violating the rules will face a range of consequences, such as event rewards ineligibility, deprioritized game actions, unsubsidized transaction fees, and account banning. We will acknowledge players who responsibly disclose exploits.

Acceptable Behavior

Sybil Attack. In the web3 world, a Sybil Attack is defined as:
a type of attack on a computer network service in which an attacker subverts the service's reputation system by creating a large number of pseudonymous identities and uses them to gain a disproportionately large influence. (
In gamer parlance, you’re likely more familiar with the more colloquial term “multi-boxing". In both cases, a single user creates multiple accounts which all play the game within the defined ruleset.
They’re different names for the same thing. At times this will be mechanically discouraged for casual fairness. However, since we can’t categorically prohibit it outright, we won’t try.
Social Organization. Discussing which World Boss to target to increase collective odds of victory.
Web3 games are inherently social, this is to be expected and embraced.
Contract Data Mining. Reading the publicly available information on-chain and in published smart contracts. Using known data about the game to develop tools to help others play the game.
Web3 games are inherently more transparent with data, this is to be expected and embraced.

Unacceptable Behavior

Technical Exploits. Client Hacking, DDoS Attacking, Double Spending, Smart Contract Exploits, and any other similar exploits.
Social Attacks: Phishing, Scamming other players into unintentionally giving away private keys, resources, or other game assets.


As an on-chain game, we distinguish between two types of bots: Gameplay Bots and On-Chain Bots. Gameplay Bots automate traditional games and go against our priority of creating a fair game experience for humans. Therefore, we do not allow their use, and players caught using them may face penalties or account banning.
On the other hand, On-Chain Bots in web3 use public-facing smart contract calls and APIs to interface with components of the game. We acknowledge their existence and take measures to ensure they don't disrupt the game's fairness and stability.
In both cases, any bot violating the terms of service will be subject to the same consequences as human players. We strive to design and use technologies that enable fair challenges and equal opportunities for all players.
Last modified 6mo ago