Claiming and Staking $PIRATE


Players can claim their $PIRATE allocations at the Pirate Nation Foundation site:

Players who did not qualify automatically for an allocation of $PIRATE were entered into a raffle with a 10% chance to win.


At the time of its launch, players are able to stake $PIRATE to earn Proof of Play Points, which hold a role in recognizing and rewarding early supporters & participants in the Proof of Play ecosystem. Immediate staking at the time of claim is incentivized with a +50% multiplier.

Early staking is also incentivized, with large multipliers that can be locked in by staking soon after the TGE date. Long-term staking is encouraged by keeping the multiplier in place for all Proof of Play Points accrued, until a withdrawal happens. Staking $PIRATE using the same wallet holding Founder's Pirate NFTs will accrue an additional 700,000 Proof of Play Points per day per Founder's Pirate held.

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