Game Shop

The Game Shop will add items and change over time in response to player feedback and our roadmap.

Players can access the shop here:

Sold Out items will be available on the PoP Marketplace.

Purchasing Options & Features:

  • Credit Card to Crypto: Effortless transactions, with only a minimal Apex gas fee.

  • Ethereum Wallet Users: Standard fees apply, typically around $2-$3, with your items transported to Apex.

  • No Trade Restrictions: Items from the shop can be purchased by anyone and are not trade-restricted after purchase.

  • Ship Skins:

    • Ship skins are equipment that change a ship's appearance.

    • Skins are freely removable once applied to a ship, and may also be transferred along with a ship.

    • Skins are not ships. These vanity items are applied to ships that you own of the same make. Purchasing a skin for a ship will not grant you the ship of that type.

      • A Sloop Skin can only be applied to a Sloop.

      • A Galleon Skin can only be applied to a Galleon.

      • A Frigate Skin can only be applied to a Frigate.

    • Players may not immediately see freshly applied Skin on marketplaces and may need to refresh the metadata manually.

  • Offerings: The Shop will feature limited supply items, all-new ship skins, decorations, and more – some tied to themed events, others to enrich the game's lore and aesthetics.

    • In the case of the Haunted Collection, the Skins and Decos will have 200 available for purchase, and 20 more will remain with the team. These are all the items that will ever be made from this collection, leaving the maximum supply at 220.

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