A Pirate without a Ship is no better than a mountain bandit.
Ships open up additional gameplay elements in Pirate Nation and range from being easy to difficult to obtain. Most Ships are obtained by questing for High Seas Maps and then using those maps to acquire Ship Plans. Once a player has obtained all of the required plans for a Ship, they can craft Completed Plans and construct the Ship itself. However, some Ships are limited edition and can not be crafted, making them highly sought after.
Ships have stats that include HP, Attack, Speed, Evasion, and Accuracy, which impact their performance in Combat. Individual Ships and their stats can be viewed at the Dock.
The current ships in Pirate Nation are:
  • Pirate's Skiff - A seaworthy vessel that cannot be traded. This is a starter vessel, so there is no reason to have more than one.
  • Pirate's Sloop - An agile ship that sacrifices offense.
  • Pirate's Galleon - Strong and sturdy. A must-have for any fleet.
  • Rogue's Galleon - A beefed up Galleon airdropped to Pirate Nation OGs. Only 90 will ever exist.