The Game

Pirate Nation v1 Beta Gameplay Loop
Pirate Nation is a fully on-chain pirate themed RPG minting on ETH and playable on Polygon. Our plan is to create a massive world, filled with all sorts of adventures that we’re excited to build in the open alongside our community.
The game is in a very early stage of development. When we release the game, we will have the foundation for many systems implemented, but most will continue to develop over time. It is our goal to develop the game with a high level of transparency, so players always know what the dev team is working on, how it is changing and what the ultimate vision is.
We want to hear what the players think of the game and what the players want to see changed and added in the future. This feedback will heavily influence the systems and features the dev team will work on as we continue to build Pirate Nation, so be vocal on the Pirate Nation Discord and let us know your thoughts!
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