How to deposit ETH into your PoP wallet

In order to claim, spend, and stake your $PIRATE, you will need ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees on the Ethereum network. If you’re using the wallet service provided by Proof of Play and not your own wallet (such as Metamask or Rabby), then you will need to follow these steps.

Collect Wallet Address

  1. Copy the long number and letter sequence on the page starting with and including the “0x”

  2. Save this information for reference later

Buy Ethereum

  1. If you don’t already have ETH in another wallet, you will need to purchase some on a centralized exchange (or have a friendly Pirate send you some.)

  2. Open an account with a major centralized exchange such as Coinbase, Bybit, Robinhood, or Binance.

  3. Purchase Ether/ETH.

Send Ethereum to Your PoP Wallet

  1. Every exchange will have different instructions but copy and paste the wallet address collected in Step 1 and send ETH to that address on the Ethereum Network.

  2. Note: if you send ETH to a network that is not Ethereum, it will not work. Make sure you only purchase and send ETH on the Ethereum network.

To confirm that your ETH was transferred successfully, visit Zapper and enter in your wallet address:


  1. Visit

  2. Follow the instructions to claim $PIRATE


Q: How much ETH do I need to buy?

A: In order to determine how much ETH you will need, we recommend making your plans for staking and spending in advance and using this gas tracker from Etherscan to project how much you’ll need. On Etherscan, you’ll see average gas fees expressed in dollars. You may need to run a handful of $PIRATE transactions early on, so having $20-$30 should be sufficient for a good while unless gas fees spike when you’re attempting to claim, stake, or spend your $PIRATE.

The current estimate for gas fees is between $5 and $10 USD worth of ETH, although this could go higher if the network faces elevated traffic.

Once you have a sufficient ETH balance in your PoP wallet, you’ll be free to claim, stake, and spend your $PIRATE however you like!

Q: How can I transfer my $PIRATE from my PoP Wallet?

A: Right now that is not supported. The team is working on the ability to export wallets.

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