The Array

A collation of several robotic clans that have banded together to form an unparallelled mecha-pirate armada that is intent on controlling the Infinite Isles.

The Deep Ones

The Deep Ones live in the ocean trenches of the sea. From time to time, they venture forth to attack surface dwellers and their ships. Some say they serve an old, long-forgotten god that wanders in the abyssal depths. What they are truly after or want is unknown.

King Neptune and the Merfolk

The merfolk are mostly a neutral faction, choosing to play in the waves rather than make war with the other factions. There are occasional skirmishes; I mean, they have some nice stuff, so naturally, Pirates 'visit' them whenever they can.

The Royal Navy

The enemy of piracy in all its forms, this organization seeks to settle the Infinite Isles and bring its residents under their iron-fist form of governance. No gambling, no roughhousing, no drinking — no thank you! To date, the Royal Navy has not discovered Parrot's Perch, but it is only a matter of time before it trains its spyglasses on the island and, when that day comes, Pirates will have a new force to reckon with.

Sea Spectres

The undead aren't all bad. Many have adjusted to life well and settled into well-adjusted roles or even joined in Piracy, alongside other activities in the Infinite Isles. However, there are some that hold onto their anger from their previous lives and seek targets to unleash it upon. These lost, angry souls often join the Sea Spectres and sail the Infinite Isles in search of victims to defeat and plunder.

The Sea Titans

Not so much a faction as a classification. These huge beasts of old occasionally stir and return to wreak havoc on the Infinite Isles.

Westmarch Trade Company

The Westmarch Trade Company is the largest trade company in all the seas. Its intent is to harvest all the resources from the Infinite Isles for itself and exploit those resources for its own gains. Like locusts, it would strip anything of value and leave the Isles a barren wasteland.

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