Obtaining Action Cards

The Action Cards available to you come from three main sources:

  • Your Pirate's Expertise and Level

  • Your Ship's Type and Level

  • Equipped Ship Items

This makes your choices before and during combat important - which ensemble to bring into battle, and which cards to play each turn.


Your Pirate contributes two sets of Action Cards:

  • Base Set: 10 cards that all Pirates begin with.

  • Expertise Set: Cards unique to the Pirate's specialty (Damage, Evasion etc) which unlock every time a Pirate levels up. Each expertise cultivates strengths through its card progression.

    • Cards unlocked through level-up may be entirely new to your deck, or duplicates of existing cards.


  • Base Set: Each Ship takes with it 10 cards that fit it's style.

Much like Pirates, each Ship Type brings a different set of Action Cards along with it depending on its Level. All Ships are level 1 for now, but when Ship Merging is introduced to the game and Ships start to level up, even more Action Cards will be brought along with the ship.

The cards that a Ship brings to combat match the Ship's traits. Sloops are swift but fragile, Galleons balanced, Frigates offensive powerhouses, Rogue's Galleon precise, and Overworld Galleon versatile generalists.

Ship Items

Items that you can attach to your ship, such as the Iron Cannon, Iron Sight, Wooden Helm, Cotton Sail, and Iron Armor, each bring one card into your deck for each time it is equipped to your ship. The cards relate to the item, for example an Iron Cannon adds a Damage card to your deck.

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