Pirates are your key to Pirate Nation. You need at least one pirate to play. If you miss the chance to obtain a pirate during the Mint, you can seek one out on the open market. Otherwise, you will have to wait until a new mint occurs, but these will not happen often.
You will be able to set one pirate as the captain of your crew. Captains will get additional benefits that only apply to them. For example, if your captain is running low on energy, you can use the Rum item to restore it, which will allow them to continue questing. Rum will not affect any other pirate when the Beta first launches.
Pirates gain XP for going on quests. After gaining enough XP to reach the level threshold, you can use Pirate Gold to level up the pirate. Higher level pirates will have more energy and access to quests that yield better rewards.
Pirates have an Elemental Affinity that provides them with advantages and disadvantages against other Elemental Affinities. Pirates will only have an affinity for one element. This advantage/disadvantage is reflected in combat as:
  • Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Air
  • Fire is strong against Earth, but weak against Water
  • Earth is strong against Lightning, but weak against Fire
  • Lightning is strong against Air, but weak against Earth
  • Air is strong against Water, but weak against Lightning
Pirates have an Expertise that provides them with an advantage in combat. The size of this advantage is based on the Pirate's level. (Expertise will impact combat in future events. For now, it is inactive.)
  • Damage - Bonus damage to each attack
  • Evasion - Makes the ship harder to hit
  • Speed - Gives a ship a higher chance to attack first
  • Accuracy - Improves the ship's chance of hitting with an attack
  • Health - Increases the maximum health value of the ship selected for combat