The Shipwright is a Settlement Building that offers functional services to both island visitors and its owner, serving as a hub for enhancing the naval capabilities of pirates in the Infinite Isles.

Key Functions of The Shipwright

  1. Ship Merging / Upgrading

    1. Requires two ships of the same type and level (one will be destroyed), a Ship Upgrade Plan, and PGLD.

  2. Receive a superior, higher-level ship, equipped with increased health and new Action Cards.

  3. Future services for this building will include

    1. Ship Repairs (To be added)

    2. Additional features (Top secret stuff here)

Public or Private Access

Accessibility: Shipwrights default to being Private. You have the option to make your Shipwright publicly accessible.

Usage Cooldowns: Note that when others are using your Shipwright, it will be temporarily unavailable for your use.

Economic Aspect

When other players come to your island and utilize your Shipwright, 75% of the PGold they spend is burned, while you receive the remaining 25% as the owner. This distribution also applies when you use your Shipwright. In the future, the owner of a Shipwright will be able to increase the cost of services.

Additional Shipwright services are planned and will be added to the game soon! We will develop a directory for owners to list their services, showing the status of each service (whether it's on cooldown and, if so, for how long) and the price for each service. This will be added in a future release.

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