Figures of Note

These be some noteworthy figures in the Infinite Isles

Captain Hightide

Resident of Parrots Perch, local drunk and part-time Pirate guide. He's the narrator of the Lore of the Infinite Isles.

The Banshee Bandit — Captain of the Banshee’s Wail

It’s said that the temperature drops and a chill can be felt in your bones when her phantom galleon approaches. Just before the battle commences, there is an unnatural silence that mutes all sounds until only a single heartbeat can be heard: the heart of the Banshee Bandit. Then the silence is broken by a blood-curdling scream, followed by the roar of cannons, and the battle is on!

Those who have traded cannon fire with the Banshee's Wail and managed to escape to tell the tale say that the Banshee’s vessel is extremely elusive. Those who have had any success against her claim to have used attacks that target an area, rather than aiming directly at the ghostly galleon itself.

The Banshee herself appears to be a specter that wears a fine white dress and carries a heart-shaped gem, gently caressing it with her hands. Her face is a mask of sadness and mourning yet, after the battle begins, her anger knows no bounds. She has been raiding the Infinite Isles for hundreds of years and — even though her vessel has supposedly been sunk several times — it never stays on the ocean floor for long.

Old IronsideLegendary Pirate Captain from the Array

Not much is currently known about Old Ironside.

Rustbeard the Mecha-Rogue

A formidable automaton Pirate lord, Rustbeard was once a technological marvel built by the finest tinkerers of the Infinite Isles. With a hull of tarnished metal and gears that whispered tales of plunder, he swiftly became the bane of trade ships, his mechanical precision leaving no room for error. Though his origins remain shrouded in mystery, every sailor knows the telltale clinking of his approach and they whisper cautionary tales of the relentless machine who sails with neither rest nor remorse.

BoBo — Monkey Totem

This odd totem is carved in the likeness of the great monkey Pirate BoBo. Adopted and raised by pirates from a young age, BoBo learned to act and behave like a true Pirate. After a shipwreck left him alone, he returned to the jungle and recruited an all-simian crew. Bobo and his pack of primate Pirates then stole a ship and spent years raiding unsuspecting towns and trade ships up and down the jungle coast. Wherever BoBo and his crew went, a scarcity of bananas followed. It is said that BoBo eventually retired to an island plantation. Still, from time to time, the unmistakable yellow sails of his grand pirate ship Dreadpeel can be seen on the horizon, stalking a merchant vessel that was unfortunate enough to bear a cargo of fresh fruit.

Glitterfin — Goldfish Totem

This totem honors Captain Glitterfin, the goldfish Pirate lord! "A goldfish Pirate?" you ask. "How would that even work?" Well, friend, trust me when I say it does. Captain Glitterfin is a unique pirate lord who terrorizes the high seas from a little bowl atop a massive frigate. One well-known fact about Glitterfin and his crew is that they often attack the same ship repeatedly, forgetting that they struck the same unfortunate vessel just moments before. So if you ever see a fearsome frigate flying the powder blue flag with a little goldfish on the horizon, it's best to raise anchor and hope you can outrun it or that something else catches its captain’s attention before it reaches you. Blub, blub.

Trader Flip

Flip once served in an army of Deep Ones, under the command of some Old God that lives in the abyssal depths. He was compelled to attack pirates and claim the Infinite Island in this Old Gods name. However, after many years of fighting he grew tired of the pursuit of conquest. Through a string of inscrutable incidents, he won his freedom from the grip of the Old God and found his way to Parrot's Perch. There he used his ability to plumb the depths to collect rare objects and, using the gold earned from fencing those objects, he started his trading business for all Pirates to purvey.

Polly & Jolly Roger

This helpful yet mischievous parrot both helps pirates and gets them into a little bit of trouble.

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