Wallet Popup-Free and Gas-less Gameplay

No transaction fees or repetitive pop-ups.

As we were playtesting the game, we found the constant pop ups to be really repetitive and a blocker to enjoyable gameplay. If you’re used to playing normal mobile or web games, you aren’t asked to confirm a transaction every time you want to click a button. And because we decided to put the entire game onchain, there were a lot of pop-ups! We wanted to get rid of them for the players to have a more seamless and natural gameplay experience. The solution was adding a game wallet that performs these transactions for you.

What is a game wallet?

A game wallet is a custodial wallet stored in your browser’s local storage. Unlike your Metamask wallet, you will not have control over your private keys so if you clear your local storage or cache, the wallet and its contents will be deleted.

Why do I need a game wallet?

We didn’t want our players to have to pay or confirm a transaction in your wallet every time they clicked a button in the game.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s safe because there’s nothing of value stored in the game wallet. Items you gather during gameplay are sent to your personal wallet directly and never pass through the game wallet.

You are not granting any permissions on the wallet holding your pirates to move or transfer any pirates or other assets. You are only allowing Pirate Nation to pay for the gas and confirm gameplay transactions within the Pirate Nation contracts on your behalf.

Wait, you’re paying for my gas on Proof of Play Apex?

Yup! You’re welcome.

What if I don’t want a game wallet?

In the future, we may offer the opportunity for players to choose, but right now we made this decision to eliminate two major points of friction: needing to have ETH on Proof of Play Apex to pay for gas and too many confirmation pop-ups.

Are you transferring my beloved pirates to this game wallet?

Nope, your pirates are staying in whatever wallet you acquired them in and will remain safe as long as you don’t click on any suspicious links. (Don’t be like BAYC holders and use a hardware wallet for your pirates.)

What other projects use game wallets?

As far as we know, no other games are doing this yet and we’re excited to push the space forward by removing friction to onchain gameplay. We hope that others will copy and build off this innovation and follow us into a fully decentralized world.

What happens if I change my browser or clear my cache?

You will be prompted to authorize a new game wallet. The game wallet never holds any of your game items or Pirates. Clearing your cache does not put any of your assets at risk.

Is the contract audited?

The contract has been audited by Halborn and can be viewed here.

What’s actually happening from a technical perspective?

We create a secondary wallet for the player and have them authorize it in our game contracts to perform actions on their behalf. This way transactions can be signed in the background, without the player having to worry about confirming individual transactions or the security of the assets inside their wallet.

What else should I know?

There is no reason for you to really interact with the "burner" wallet and it will fade into the background after the one-time confirmation. You should not transfer tokens or pirates into this wallet because clearing your local storage / cache will eliminate the "burner" wallet. If you do this, whatever you had transferred in will be gone because you don’t have access to the private keys.

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