Starter Islands: A Personal Slice of Pirate Nation

In Pirate Nation, a unique Starter Island awaits each player – a private oasis that's ready to be molded into a personal paradise.

Islands 101: The Basics

Islands act as a private display ground for trophies and artifacts gathered from Pirates' daring adventures. A simple click on the Island Skiff or the new HUD icon makes the journey to this personalized space.

Starter Islands, while having a fixed shape and size, are a blank canvas that beckons personal creativity. It's up to players to decide what to craft and where to place it, making each Island a unique reflection of individual style.

And here's a convenient feature – you can access your inventory and craft right from your island.

Beyond the Horizon: The Future of Islands

The Starter Island represents just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, players will be able to place items in water, generate resources through functional items such as the Windmill, and visit other islands!

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