The Gauntlet

The ocean is teeming with all sorts of creatures, some more dangerous than others. Each day brings a new batch of opponents to these waters. To obtain items and perhaps even treasure maps, you'll need to embark on a series of increasingly challenging battles.
It all begins by visiting the buoy located in the north-west of the island, where The Gauntlet awaits.
Select your Ship and face off against a series of enemies whose strength and abilities increase with each battle. Your goal is to defeat all of them and claim their loot as Pirate Lord.
Participating in The Gauntlet doesn't require any energy or resources - all you need is a seaworthy vessel and a few minutes of time. If your first attempt ends with your ship settling on the sea floor, don't worry! You can keep trying until you emerge victorious. However, it's worth noting that this unlimited re-entry policy will change in the future.
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