Item Rarity

A guide to help you understand how common or rare game items are

Some items in Pirate Nation are easier to acquire than others and rarity rankings are used to indicate how difficult it is to obtain an item.

Some items are collected by doing easier, low level quests and will be classified as Common. An item that can only be obtained from a limited time prize pool will be graded a Rare or even Legendary.

Some items that cannot be crafted in the game will be provided as a part of a very small prize pool for limited time events or offers and will receive an Artifact or Heirloom rarity level. If you happen to possess one of these items, you are one of a very limited number of Pirate Lords to have that treasure!

All our items have unique background colors which will make it possible for you to easily identify how rare an item is. For reference, you can check the chart below:

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