There are many dangerous creatures out on the high seas, including the most dangerous of all: Pirates!
The first phase of Combat focuses on Player vs Environment combat in the form of World Bosses. More opportunities for combat will be introduced as the Beta continues , including the eventual inclusion of Player vs Player combat.

World Bosses

In Pirate Nation, massive creatures like the Megalodon, Sea Serpent, Kraken, and other fearsome beasts spawn occasionally and players must coordinate together to defeat them.
While a World Boss event is active, Players can battle one World Boss every x-hours (the duration will change based on the event) and must carefully select their target, Captain, and Ship.
In each round of combat, players must select which attack they use. The selection will impact the outcome of the round. The goal is to inflict as much damage as possible before running out of ammo, time, or ship health.
A leaderboard tracks each player's total damage inflicted to all World Bosses, and if a boss is defeated before the event ends, players who contributed to its defeat receive prizes. Leaderboard winners receive both their Leaderboard rewards and the participation rewards.
The player who lands the killing blow on a World Boss receives a rare, 1-of-1 NFT of that boss. When a World Boss is defeated, it is retired from the game forever, and any boss that remains undefeated licks its wounds to and plot future mayhem.
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