Jolly Roger: Earn BOOTY Points

Pirate Nation is proud to launch the new Jolly Roger campaign, in which our players can play the game and complete social challenges to earn BOOTY Points, the exclusive recognition system for players and collectors in the Pirate Nation ecosystem.

Season 1 starts on Thursday, April 11.

Live quests are available now on our Season 1 portal:

We have a variety of challenges you can complete to earn BOOTY Points each and every day. The first set of quests available for the Jolly Roger include:

  • completing Easy & Hard Gauntlets

  • crafting new Ships

  • leveling up your Pirate(s)

  • holding Founder's Pirates and/or a Gen1 Pirate

The quests page will routinely update and offer new quests for Pirates to complete. Be sure to check back every day to earn BOOTY Points, complete quests, and see what new opportunities to earn have dropped.

Jolly Roger will regularly feature tweets from the Pirate Nation and teams' accounts to engage with and earn BOOTY Points. After you engage with the tweet, return to the quests page to verify the actions. You'll receive your due BOOTY within 15 minutes.

There are also Discord quests awarding BOOTY Points. Currently, the quests reward participants for changing their Discord name to include "Pirate" and their Discord profile picture to one of the 8 options provided in the Jolly Roger quests board and posting "GM" in the specified main channels in partner Discord servers.

Pirates can multiply their BOOTY earnings in two ways: holding multiple Founder's Pirates and completing quests every day to form a streak. BOOTY Points will be tallied up to produce a leaderboard, with the top 10 earning bonus BOOTY, and all players achieving ranks based on their totals, as below:

You won't want to miss out on BOOTY Points, Pirates.

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