Known Issues

A list of all the things we know are broken.

Release Notes found here:

Latest update: June 13th, 2024

Gameplay Known Issues

  1. It can take up to a minute to create or join a PvP lobby.

  2. The game music can persist when leaving the game for web content and thePlayer can end up in a state in which two instances of the game music will play simultaneously. Refreshing the game will fix this.

  3. Some Ships on the Docks page appear with an incorrect level in their name. The level icon seen on this screen is correct though.

  4. Decks are currently saved in your browsers local cache. If you clear you cache, your decks will be removed. This is something we intend to address in an upcoming release.

  5. When a Pirate is transferred to another wallet while on a Bounty, the Bounty page does not update until the game is refreshed.

  6. Using Rum with no Captain set appears successful, but the Rum is not actually used on Blockchain and the gained energy will not persists after the game is refreshed. Please make sure there is a Pirate set as Captain when using Rum.

  7. When leveling up a Pirate, if the Player selects another Pirate during the level up process, that Pirate will appear on the level up pop up instead of the Pirate being leveled.

  8. The Pirate Game Shop Crossmint purchase flow does not support Coinbase Wallet.

  9. An incorrect Pirate model will appear on the Crew Page and in-game when the player scrolls up and down on the Crew Page.

  10. When adjusting the placement of a Decoration with your keyboard arrow keys, the Decoration will snap to the position of the player's mouse upon new mouse input.

  11. Gameplay and the Hold and Own feature are not available through mobile browsers at this time. Mobile browser support coming in the future.

  12. Removing Captain status from a Pirate shows in Logs as successfully setting the Pirate to Captain status.

  13. Totem's cannot be stacked 3 high on your Island's upper levels.

  14. There may be a delay in the View Island link functionality if attempting to view the Island of a player with 50+ Pirates

  15. All Ships appear with incorrect rarity text except the Skiff.

  16. The game client will encounter some visual bugs from time-to-time. The result of this is that the game displays inaccurate information until it resyncs. You can force the resync by refreshing your browser or wait a little bit, it will normally sort itself out given a little time. Examples of this type of behavior that the team has seen include:

    1. The Drunkenness meter can appear to exceed its cap.

    2. New User Tasks may appear to be incomplete until refresh.

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