Exploration allows you to sail your ship(s) to the procedurally generated islands of the Infinite Isles. Seek out hidden coves & unchartered territories as you collect Tier 1 Resources, including Pirate Gold, Wood, Iron Ore & Cotton. Here's how Exploration works: 1. Your Pirate is able to swim! Click towards the water off your main island, your Pirate will hop in. 2. Alternatively, construct or purchase a Ship. Any Ship will do, though some are faster than others. 3. Whether you are swimming or sailing a Ship, use your mouse or WASD keys to move around. 4. Begin exploring the surround area. You will discover islands unique to your game instance. 5. You will be able to hop ashore islands, or disembark your ship by pressing your spacebar. Note, the islands you are able to explore are unique to your game instance, so they will be different than the islands that your friends will be exploring when they play Pirate Nation.

Collecting resources: Once you are on an island, you will be able to use Energy (your available Energy bar is at the center top of your screen) to collect resources. Once a resource node has been fully harvested, it will not replenish. So you'll need to visit other islands to get more.

Lost at sea:

In the event you get lost or stuck while exploring, click the home button in the top -right corner of the screen, beneath your Pirate. This will return your Pirate and Ship to your main island, and you can begin exploring again.

What's coming next in Exploration:

In the future we will adjust ship speed based on ship level, we will add more island variety to explore, and we will include more objects to interact with as you explore, such as enemies, rare items, and more.

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