PvP (Preview)

PvP is now live in Pirate Nation, in preview (early access) mode. While its in preview mode, it can be played by holders of Founder's Pirates and Gen1 Pirates. How to PvP: To create or join a PvP lobby, you'll need to click on the PvP Preview icon in the left sidebar of the HUD.

Once created, each PvP lobby will have a unique code, which can be given to another player to enter the lobby and start the match.

The match will continue until one player is defeated or flees (basically admitting defeat). Notes: āžœ As always: based on player feedback, we will balance / tweak PvP. āžœ We will later introduce PvP leaderboards and onchain PvP validation for results. āžœ Other future features may include a gold ante, rewards for winning PvP, and updates to the lobby system.

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