The Voxelizer

Upgrading your vector Pirate to a voxel Pirate
​The Voxelizer is our custom web experience, built for our players to easily upgrade their original vector art PFPs to shiny, all new voxel art PFPs.

How it Works 🔮

The Voxelizer is now live on: Follow the instructions to voxelize your crew of pirates. The process is entirely free, doesn't require any transactions to be signed, and doesn't cost any gas.
Voxelization in action!
Let's make some noise!

Original Vector Art 🎭

Once you've completed the voxelization process, you will still be able to access your original vector art pirate, by toggling on 'legacy view' on our website. Later on, we'll also allow for view toggling on marketplaces.


➜ How can I voxelize if I don't have Twitter? Yarrr, no problem matey! Creating a Twitter account is easy, quick, and free. Begin the sign up process here.
➜ If I buy unvoxelized pirates, can I voxelize them? Yes! Return to the voxelizer once you have new pirates in your wallet and they'll be available for voxelization.
➜ Once a pirate is voxelized, is there a way to roll back? No, the voxelization process is permanent, but the vector art is accessible via 'legacy view' on our website. View toggling is also enabled on the Trove marketplace, and will be added to other marketplaces in the future.
➜ When will all pirates be upgraded to voxel art? We are aiming to update all original (vector) art pirates to voxel pirates within the next few weeks. This will be communicated in advance and will ensure collection uniformity in our marketplace view, which we think is important for Pirate Nation's overall presentability.
➜ Will my voxel PFP pirate match my in-game pirate character? Yes, but not immediately at launch of the voxelization process. There is a separate build & engineering lift required for the same voxel assets to reflect in the Pirate Nation game. This is expected to launch a few weeks after the voxel PFPs.
➜ I have another question that's not covered here! Hop into our discord and we'll be delighted to chat with you.