Ethereum to Polygon

Note: The tutorial screens may not match exactly because we are constantly improving based on player feedback
Step #1: If you are on the Ethereum network, navigate to the “Bridge” tab.
Step #2: Select the pirates you want to bridge to Polygon.
Note: 5 Pirates are able to be bridged per transaction. You may submit multiple bridge transactions in a row. More than 5 Pirates can be bridging at the same time.
Step #3: Approve a one-time transaction enabling Pirate Nation to bridge your pirate.
Step #4: Approve another transaction which initiates the send from Ethereum to Polygon.
Step #5: Once your pirates have bridged they will appear in the Pirates on Polygon section. Pour yourself a glass of rum. Depending on network congestion, this may take ~30 minutes to complete and you can check on the progress by viewing the Pirates in Transit section.
Step #6: Play Pirate Nation and top the leaderboards!