Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bridge secure?
Y’ar! Our bridge code has been audited by Halborn.
How many pirates can I bridge at once?
You can only bridge 5 pirates per transaction to Polygon. However, you are able to send multiple batches to bridge many at the same time. From Polygon to ETH, you'll only be able to bridge 1 pirate back at a time due to limitations with the Polygon bridge.
Why would I bridge my pirate on Polygon?
If you want to play the game, you will need to bridge your Founder’s Pirate over to Polygon because that is where gameplay is. As soon as you bridge your pirate, they’ll begin to accrue additional benefits. The longer you hold your pirate on Polygon, the more rewards you’ll accrue.
Why would I keep my pirate on Ethereum?
If you plan to sell your Founder’s Pirate, there is more liquidity on Mainnet than on Polygon. ETH is like the Manhattan of Web3 where lots of traders live and transact. However, we hope you hold onto your pirate and play the fun game we’re building for you!
How long does it take to bridge my pirate between Ethereum and Polygon?
Depending on network traffic, the estimated times to send your pirates are:
ETH to Polygon: ~30 minutes (depending on network congestion)
Polygon to ETH: Up to 2 hours (depending on network congestion)
How do I bridge my pirate from Polygon to Ethereum?
Bridging your pirate from Polygon to Ethereum is a two part process. The first part is sending the pirate over the bridge and the second transaction is retrieving it from the bridge and bringing it to Ethereum. Once your pirate hits the bridge, the “Complete Withdrawal” button will turn gold and you’ll be able to bring the pirate back to Ethereum 1 by 1. The return trip from Polygon to Ethereum may take up to two hours depending on network traffic and is considerably more expensive (~$20 per pirate) due to the complexity of the transaction. We have a step-by-step guide to walk you through it.
How much does it cost to bridge my Founder's Pirate between blockchains?
The costs to bridge are variable and based on network congestion which is outside of Pirate Nation’s hands. Ethereum to Polygon may cost ~$4 per pirate and from Polygon to Ethereum is more expensive at ~$20 per pirate due to the complexity of the transaction.
Can I pause or cancel the bridge transaction from Polygon to Etherum once I start it?
Once you initiate the transaction to Ethereum you must complete it and it cannot be canceled or reverted. If you are going to bridge your pirates back to Ethereum please make sure you are willing to incur the costs before you do.
Is Pirate Nation paying the gas costs for bridging in either direction?
You own your pirates and Pirate Nation will not cover the gas costs of transporting pirates between the two blockchains.
How do I bridge my pirate from Ethereum to Polygon?
Bridging your pirate from Ethereum to Polygon is easy. All you need to do is first perform a one-time approval to allow Pirate Nation to bridge your pirate over to Polygon. Secondly, you will need to click the bridge button, take a few swigs of rum, and wait up to 30 minutes for your pirate to make its way across the sea to Polygon. We have a step-by-step guide to walk you through it.
I bridged my pirate but it's still not showing up.
Sometimes the pirates go off the map when they're traveling between ETH/Polygon. If it's between ETH→ Polygon don't worry they'll appear eventually. If all else fails, please open up a ticket in Discord and we'll be happy to help.